This truck started out as a 1953 F-350.
It was a repair truck for the "Ma Bell Phone Company"
It was purchased in 1988 for $132 from the "Orient Electric Company" located in Boring Oregon.
It came with a 4-speed, 5.86 gears, a 239 Cu.In V-8 flathead.

In 1991 Chris restored two pistons and two valves.

Installed steel pins where the block was cracked.

Chris hard at work.

Re-used parts are:

  • Spark plug wires
  • Water pumps
  • Pistons
  • Distributor
Re-upholstered the seat.


Both doors rusty on inside.

All fenders hammered out.
Installed a 1971 3/4 ton rear axle.
Front and rear glass, used for $100.
Original bed is 9' express bed.
Hauling scrap, weighed in at 9600 lbs.
Swapped old bed for a 8' found in an old barn.
Added dualies.
Fixed original hood
New bed has 12'' space between cab.
Second cab from a 1956 F-100 $20.
Attempting to graft new cab to old one.
Floor welded in.
Hand rolling new side panels.
Took a very long time to match sides to cab.
Attempting to continue cab seam.
Lots of bondo was used.
Hours of welding and grinding.
In the cab.
June 2002.

Spotlight works.

New mirrors and emblems.